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On a blog called NYT Pick, the author criticized the New York Times for their recent annual Holiday Gift Guide, called “Of Color/Stylish Gifts.” Here’s what they said.

We don’t like to throw around words like “racist” in the same sentence as the NYT’s name, but there’s no other word we can think of to describe this page in the NYT’s annual Holiday Gift Guide — called “Of Color/Stylish Gifts” and aimed exclusively at the paper’s non-white readers.

They go on to outline the details of the “Of Color” gift guide.

Can you imagine the NYT designating a section of its Holiday Gift Guide to presents made “for and by white people”? Or Jews? Or Chinese? Of course you can’t.

We welcome NYTPicker readers of any color to click here and see the page for themselves.

The gift suggestions include:

— “The Mocha Guide To Military Life,” a book for black women whose husbands or boyfriends serve in the armed forces.

–“Hair Rules,” a hair-care product for a hair-stylist “hero to Michelle Obama and Alicia Keys” that includes a travel kit for kinky hair.


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