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Democrats have jumped on the bandwagon to win more Black voters as support from African-Americans has dwindled ahead of the crucial midterm elections in November. The party has hired more Blacks and Latinos, as well as promoted more women to important positions, a new Democratic National Committee report revealed.

Nearly half, or 44 percent, of the DNC’s staff are people of color, according to the report obtained by NBC News.

Fifty-one percent of the staff are women, with 70 percent of department heads also being women. As for party officials, this group has also seen an increase in the number of African-Americans in the ranks.

The numbers have reflected more diversity after the 2016 election, the report also said.

Democrats have recognized how influential Black voters are to their party. But the recognition is far and few in between, many Black voters have said.

Black female political leaders wrote an open letter to DNC Chairman Tom Perez, citing that they feel the party has “taken them for granted.” They also expressed “significant concerns” with Perez’ first round of staff hires, calling on him to hear their ideas for “hiring of key staff and consultants to investment in training and leadership opportunities.”

This mistreatment by the Democratic party, as well as a number of other serious issues, are on Black voters’ minds. Voter suppression, racial profiling incidents, the fatal police shootings of people of color and more horrors have created a cocktail of pain that will likely influence African Americans election turnout and voting patterns across the nation.

Anti-Trump sentiment and fears about the economy also will fuel Black voters this election season. More than half of the Black voters in Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, North Carolina, Illinois and Florida who participated in a new poll believe the economy is getting worse, according to BlackPAC, an independent political organization which surveyed voters for the poll cited by The Atlantic. More than three-quarters of all black voters believe the country is generally heading in the wrong direction, according to the poll.

The Democrats will find out how much support that will get from Black voters in the elections in November and in 2020.


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