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Meek Mill’s cancellation of a White House visit Friday freed up the rapper to plan his next move to help bring about prison reform.

Meek’s reported acceptance of an invitation to a prison reform summit hosted by Trump upset several people, including Jay-Z, who said that it was not a good look. It seems that Meek, whose real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams and was released from jail last month, heeded the advice, TMZ reported.

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Jay-Z told Meek that a Trump meeting would put the 31-year-old rapper in a whole different light, sources said to TMZ. The rapper has been on a mission to support jailed Black men and women who are targeted by racism that has been associated with Trump and the like.

It took the strength of dozens of criminal justice reform advocates and people across the country to secure Meek’s release. The rapper, who had been in jail for five months for a probation violation stemming from a 2008 drug and gun case, vowed to use his platform to work to fix the nation’s broken system of correctional control. But what’s his next move?

The rapper recently made a deal with Amazon and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation to do a documentary about his experience with the criminal justice system. After the deal, he could be planning to put more on his plate. The rapper could step up his game with fighting harder for reform, and if that happened, he would be in good company.

Meek’s fight for prison reform comes as Black Democrats and several civil rights groups are further working to repair the nation’s broken criminal justice system as well. Georgia Democratic Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis joined other Democrats and signed a letter in opposition to a controversial prison reform bill The First Step Act, Politico reported. Groups had criticized the White House-backed bill for failing to address sentencing reform as people of color continue to face harsh sentencing over low-level offenses.


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