Civil Rights & Social Justice

It shouldn't be this way.

The comedian is apart of the larger conversation to incarceration issues.

Good News

A California-based nonprofit is on a mission to combat recidivism through tech education.


According to a Sentencing Project study, the Garden State has a lot of Black people locked up. A new law could help change things.

The New York City Council voted to close the jail.

Good News

Rapper T.I. teamed up with the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to bail out nonviolent offenders for Easter.

President Trump paraded several Black felons on stage during a press conference to promote his proposed second phase of the First Step Act.

Kevin Cooper has been incarcerated since 1983.

Kevin Cooper has been in prison since 1983 for a crime for which he says he was framed.

Chris Young is serving life without parole for a low-level role in a drug case.