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Yesterday, a video of R. Kelly appeared online with the 51-year-old singer saying, “I’m handcuffed by my destiny. It’s too late. They should’ve did this sh*t 30 years ago. It’s too late. The music has been injected into the world.”

It got worse. He then proposed a toast and said, “To all the strong m*therf*ckers in here right now. M*therf*ckers like you is why I still continue to do what I do, because I have a basketball mentality. As long as I’ve got the ball, the world is on defense.” Watch the video below:

Clearly,  the video is deeply disturbing and Kelly seems to be indicating that  it’s “too late” to catch him for his alleged crimes against women and young girls. However, according to TMZ, it’s all a big misunderstanding. “Kelly was simply celebrating with his pals — including former basketball player Antoine Walker — rather than bashing any of his accusers,” the gossip site says. “We’re told his ‘too late’ comment was in reference to those trying to silence him, like Spotify.”

In reference to those trying to silence him? Wouldn’t that also mean his accusers? And isn’t his music being removed from Spotify as a direct result of the accusations?

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In case you missed it, on May 10, after the #MuteRKelly hashtag went viral, Spotify removed Kelly‘s music from all of their playlists under their public hate content and hateful conduct policy. Streaming service Pandora also agreed to no longer actively promote the 51-year-old’s music. However, according to the Associated Press reports, Kelly’s streaming numbers are “relatively” the same with some “small growth.”

Obviously, Kelly’s team would try to explain this video because “They should’ve did this sh*t 30 years ago” sounds like an admission of guilt that could be used in court, which is relevant considering the endless lawsuits. Yet, after more than 24 years of allegations against him, Kelly appears to be invincible.


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