Race Matters

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has apologized to his employees for the impact the Joe Rogan controversy has had on them after India Arie called him out on his racism.

But in acknowledging Rogan's freedom to say whatever he wants, Arie explained that she would not subsidize his racism.

Good News

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay has inked a multi-year podcast production deal with Spotify.

Good News

The Obamas have inked a deal with Spotify to produce podcasts.

The docuseries does not appear to have hurt his career -- yet.

The streaming service released a statement.

It appears the singer was talking to his accusers.

The rapper does not agree with Spotify.

The singer's music is labeled 'hate content.'

Put away your trusty summer playlist -- the White House just released two, one for day and one for night, hand-picked by President Obama.

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What once seemed like an uphill battle for Jay Z’s new streaming service TIDAL now looks like an industry takeover. Last night Jay Z took…