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If Channing Dungey wasn’t already a hero for Black people, then she surely became one on Tuesday. The ABC Entertainment Group president, who is the first African American to be in the role, pulled the plug on the Roseanne reboot after Roseanne Barr made racist comments about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett.

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With the major move, Dungey put on her cape and saved the day for people of color everywhere. Her actions prove that Black women are more than capable of leading companies with compassion, making sound decisions and moving forward in the right direction. Dungey, who became ABC President in February 2016, also won praise from hundreds on Twitter, including Ava DuVernay and Viola Davis, the lead actress on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder which was co-developed and launched by the executive. Here are some facts about Dungey:

The executive has been preparing for some time for her current role at ABC. She attended UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television, according to her Bloomberg profile. She also graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s in fine arts from UCLA.

Dungey is a founding member of the Step Up Women’s Network, a national non-profit membership organization dedicated to “strengthening community resources for women and girls.” The history-making executive supports women’s rights and serves as an example of #BlackGirlMagic to many women across the nation. She also loves giving career advice to other women.

“If it doesn’t impact you contractually, always take the meeting,” Dungey said at a Step Up breakfast in April 2016 after becoming an ABC president. “I almost didn’t take a meeting that changed my career. I took a meeting at a production company that resulted in a role I stayed at for four years. That role opened doors for a position at Warner Bros that I may never have secured otherwise.”


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