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The focus on Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals quickly shifted from which team won to how the other managed to lose on Thursday night. And it’s precisely moments like these that Twitter seems to exist for.

While there was enough blame to go around for a handful of people, including and especially the referees, it was the Cleveland Cavaliers’ guard J.R. Smith who commanded the most attention in his team’s overtime loss to the Golden State Warriors.

With the game tied and only a few precious seconds left in regulation, Smith got an offensive rebound and instead of using the quickly elapsing time to look to score, he chose to run the clock out instead.

His all-world teammate LeBron James, who scored 51 points in the loss, shot the look of death to Smith, who could be seen saying, “I thought were we were ahead.”

After the game, Smith insisted he knew the game was tied.

LeBron begged to differ.

The boneheaded move showed J.R.’s lack of court awareness in one of the biggest games of his career. It also reinforced the fact rumor that Smith, recognizable by his, shall we say, sleepy-looking eyes, competes under the influence of alcohol and/or marijuana.

As of early Friday morning, “Henny,” as in Hennessy, was trending on Twitter and attached to pictures of Smith looking like he’s intoxicated. The top trending topic, you ask? “JR Smith.”

But, of course, Twitter took it to the next level with an explosion of equally imaginative and hilarious memes mocking Smith’s obliviousness.

Chances are that Smith, a formidable sharp-shooter in his own right who finished with 10 points that included two three-pointers, will bounce back. But in the meantime he was being blamed for the loss that may prove to be costly to the Cavs’ chances of pulling one of the biggest upsets in NBA Finals history.

One NewsOne reader shared another meme with us in what is bound to be an endless stream of artistic endeavors. Tweet others at us as you see them and we’ll add them, too. (Bonus points for the inevitable “crying Jordan” J.R. Smith meme.)


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