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White or Black, when someone wears  a Make America Great Again hat, they have been embolden by our current president. For some, that translates to showing up to a Trump rally and for others that could be violence. A Black man in New York City nearly tried to kill a Mexican immigrant as he spat out Trump rhetoric wearing the hateful red and white gear.

BuzzFeed reports, on April 20, Willie Ames, 47, was making derogatory statements about Mexicans at the Union Square subway station in New York City. He was reportedly saying Mexicans were in America to take jobs and they were transporting drugs — all Trump one-liners. He then began screaming the  hateful words at two people we appeared to be Mexican. He reportedly dragged Luis Lopez, 26, off the train, hit him three times and shoved him onto the subway tracks. Lopez told The New York Daily News, he hit his read on the railing and went unconscious, but his friend was there to help him, “Thank God there wasn’t a train coming, it would have been a sure death. I would have died if it wasn’t for him,”

Ames is now being charged with a hate crime.

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BuzzFeed reports Ames has been “charged with attempted assault in the first and third degrees as hate crimes, assault in the second and third degrees as hate crimes, and aggravated harassment.”

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance said, “This defendant’s attacks on two New Yorkers were attacks on all New Yorkers, as alleged in the indictment. Willie Ames is charged with selectively ambushing two young men on their way home from work for no other reason than their perceived nationality.”

Who knows if Ames is mentally ill or not, but either way, this is another example of how Trump rhetoric empowers people to spit their hate — whether it is physical violence from William Ames or verbal assault Aaron Schlossberg. The one thing in common is that they all spit out Trump one-liners. Our president gave them the fuel, now they are on fire.



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