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Days ahead of a critical June 5 primary, the Black candidate for Alameda County district attorney in California is fending off an alleged “race-baiting” attack from the Oakland police union.

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The Oakland Police Officers Association’s political action committee sent out an email blast on May 26 against Pamela Price that targeted Oakland’s non African-American residents, the East Bay Times reported. The message stoked fears that crime (supposedly committed by Blacks) will get out of control if Price is elected.

Price, a civil rights attorney, has vowed to enact a series of criminal justice reforms if she wins the election against the incumbent DA Nancy O’Malley, who is white. The two candidates are in a tight race

“Our campaign exposed yet another major scandal involving Nancy O’Malley and her race-baiting supporters in law enforcement,” Price said in a Facebook post on Wednesday. She described the police union’s email as “racially targeted negative and false.”

One of the emails sent by the police union’s president reads, “[Pamela Price] WILL NOT PROSECUTE DRUNK DRIVERS, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CASES OR CRIMINALS WHO ARE ARRESTED FOR BREAKING INTO RESIDENTS’ CARS,” according to the newspaper. That message went out to a category called “Oakland Likely Nov 2018 EMAILS No AF AM.”

“No AF AM” is apparently the code for no African Americans, according to records and interviews conducted by the Times.

There’s a reason why the police union doesn’t want Price to win the contest. She plans to overhaul the county’s criminal justice system include more investigations and prosecution of police misconduct, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.  She also wants to reduce the incarceration rate by selectively prosecuting misdemeanors, such as domestic violence cases, which has been controversial.

The police union president failed to return multiple phone calls and emails from the Times regarding the organization’s email list.


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