Good News

The New York City-based criminal justice reform nonprofit Avenues for Justice has received a grant from the NBA Foundation.


The Real Talk Drives Real Change tour stop in Atlanta fostered a meaningful discussion on policy and justice reform in the Black community.

Weirich's defeat in a "red state" is a resounding victory for people advocating a criminal justice reform agenda.


Atlanta leadership should recognize that the county has the tools to solve its overcrowding problem. It simply lacks the courage to use them.

Good News

Singer John Legend will receive The Recording Academy’s inaugural Global Impact Award for his artistry and activism.

Despite a reported rise in crime in "The Big Easy," voters chose a new path forward by electing reformer Susan Hutson as sheriff.

Despite promised policing reform, delays continue as the legislation —viewed by many as a compromise — could be softened in the hope of attracting bipartisan support.

With his latest single, "Industry Baby," the rapper launched a fundraiser for The Bail Project to raise money and awareness about a continuing injustice in the criminal legal system.

Alvin Bragg and Eric Adams joined Rev. Al Sharpton at the National Action Network's Saturday rally, reflecting on their respective primary wins and what their leadership means for New York City as a whole.

Elected during a special election, Caston becomes the first person to hold the seat of Ward 7 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner since it was first created in 2012.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals agreed to review the conviction of Crystal Mason, a mom and grandmother sentenced to five-years for casting a provisional ballot in the 2016 election.

Civil rights advocates were delivered good news from final results in certain statewide elections that have provided somewhat of a silver lining to the national political fray between presidential candidates.