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A cowardly neo-Nazi thought he could hide behind a mask while he was reportedly assaulting and harassing innocent people in Texas. A few weeks ago, activist Shaun King exposed the man as Erik Mitchell Sailors of San Marcos, Texas, writing, “He is a brutal Neo-Nazi who has been harassing, terrorizing, and assaulting people all over Texas — all while concealing his identity. He is also a Marine.” See Erik’s photo below:

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The Daily Beast wrote a profile on Sailors, claiming that he is training other white supremacists in military tactics that he learned from his days as a Marine. Leaked text messages revealed he is the head of the Texas chapter of the white supremacist group Patriot Front, in which, according to The Daily Beast, “Sailors gives ‘hip-pocket classes, (short, informal military class) to white nationalists, from the ‘gear list’ of what members should bring to protests (Marine Corps-issued combat boots and decontaminate wipes) to lessons in mixed martial arts and hand-to-hand combat techniques, the leaked messages reveal.”

Patriot Front began a few months after the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. The Daily Beast reports, “Since Charlottesville, Patriot Front has had physical clashes with protesters in Austin and anti-fascist groups in Houston. Last year, white-nationalist figure Richard Spencer hired Patriot Front for personal security while speaking at the University of Florida.”

The Patriot Front has been trying to recruit people at college campuses across the country with their goal to “return to the time of the country’s founding, when white dominance was prevalent,” according to Carla Hill, a senior investigative researcher with the Anti-Defamation League.

Thankfully, due to the work of Shaun King and his team, this man has been exposed. Hopefully, authorities will act with urgency before Sailors and his band of racists terrify more people.


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