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President Donald Trump’s supporters once lambasted President Barack Obama for his willingness to meet with North Korea’s dictator, but a decade later they are campaigning for Trump to win the Nobel Peace Prize for meeting with Kim Jong Un.

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Trump and Kim held historic talks on Tuesday in Singapore. After their meeting, Trump announced that the dictator pledged to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons. In return, the United States would halt military exercises in South Korea. There’s plenty of doubt based on previous experience with North Korean leaders whether any of the Communist country’s concessions will come to fruition.

Yet conservative pundits like Trump’s Fox News buddy Sean Hannity hailed the meeting as a triumph, comparing it to the 1986 summit between President Ronald Reagan and the Soviet Union’s leader Mikhail Gorbachev. In May, a group of 18 Republican lawmakers signed a letter formally nominating Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize after the two leaders agreed to meet.

However, back in 2007 the conservatives harshly criticized Obama when he similarly expressed a willingness to sit down to negotiations with dictators, including North Korea’s leader.

Back then, the Republican National Committee ridiculed Obama after he stated during a Democratic presidential debate that he would meet with dictators “without preconditions.”

Politifact recalled: “One of the most disturbing displays of Obama’s lack of foreign policy expertise came during last year’s YouTube debate,” Hannity said a week before Election Day 2008. “The junior senator from Illinois gave what many called a naive answer for a question from the audience about whether he would meet with the leaders of Syria, Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea without preconditions.”

The Republicans’ convenient double standard is plain to see.


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