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On Monday, June 11, Officer Michael Naples in St. Petersburg, Florida responded to a dispute between a pizza delivery woman and customer Levonte Daniels.

Daniels called police after the delivery woman allegedly tried to hit him with her car. According to ABC News, “Officer Naples responded to a call for service involving a dispute between a pizza delivery person and a customer. A man reportedly struck the pizza delivery driver’s vehicle with a fire extinguisher.”

Daniels, the man accused of using the fire extinguisher, said he was trying to defend himself, “I grabbed a fire extinguisher, I was scared,” he told ABC. He was given a notice of referral for criminal mischief, but Daniels claims Naples, who is white, immediately sided with the white delivery woman, which is when the officer hurled the slur — and it’s all caught on video.

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Daniels explained to ABC News, “I said, ‘But sir, I just want to let you know this is not how this happened and I want to have record of it.'” He continued, “Once I told him ‘well, you’re trying to railroad me,’ he said ‘well you’re a piece of sh*t.’  And if you hear my reaction, I say, ‘well, you’re a piece of sh*t, too,’ to which the officer then responded, ‘well, you’re a piece of sh*t n***er.'”

The video was given to the police department and Officer Michael Naples has resigned. He had been a member of the force since July of 2017.

Chief of Police Anthony Holloway, who is Black, said at a press conference, “We hold our officers to the highest professional standard. The use of profanity and racial slurs is not tolerated under any circumstances.”

Thankfully, the officer was fired and not placed on “administrative leave” or a “temporary suspension.” Everyone needs to learn that racism will not be tolerated or you can lose your livelihood. Watch the news clips below.

That said, isn’t a shame that you call the police and get the n-word hurled at you? And people wonder why so many Black communities don’t trust police.


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