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On June 8, Henry Sintay, who has appropriately been nicknamed Jogger Joe, threw out a Black homeless man’s clothes at Lake Merritt in Oakland, which happens to be the same park that introduced us all to the white privilege of BBQ Becky.

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Thankfully, JJ Harris, an Oakland filmmaker and photographer, captured Sintay’s cruelty on video. In case you missed it, watch the disturbing video below.

After an investigation from the Oakland Police Department, Sintay is now facing charges. According to NBC News, “Officials charged Sintay with a felony of second degree robbery for allegedly using force and fear to take personal property from Nelson’s possession. Sintay was booked into Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on Tuesday.” See his mugshot below:

Thankfully, good Samaritans have raised nearly $12,000 via a GoFundMe for the homeless man, who has been identified as Drew. See the photo of him below (he is in the middle):

This incident is another example of gentrification. Once upon a time, this area of Oakland was majority Black—but it is now majority White, according to the most recent census. White people taking over Black neighborhoods and not only raising the rents, but pushing—or policing—residents out of the area is becoming more common. As activist Cat Brooks said about BBQ Becky, “This is a consequence of a motion that happened over a year ago because White folks said that Black people and brown people being loud is a scary, dangerous thing and they don’t want it in their Oakland anymore.”


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