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Two Black women vowed to never shop at Walgreens again after they were racially profiled in Florida recently.

Crystal Davis and Santanna Neal walked into a store location in Miramar and purchased several beauty supplies on Tuesday night. However, their shopping trip took a turn for the worse when they were stopped and harassed by three police officers who thought they were shoplifting, according to a cell phone video Davis posted to Instagram that has been cited by Miami news outlet WPLG Local 10.

Both Davis and Neal were followed and watched by an employee while they browsed beauty products, they said. They were inundated with several security announcements while inside the store.

“As soon as we walked in the store, we kept hearing the alerts, ‘Security check the floor,” Davis said.

After paying for their items and walking out of the store, they were stopped and interrogated by three cops. As is commonly heard in several other racial profiling incidents, the officers told the women that they received a report about shoplifters. Davis quickly responded to the officers, showing her receipt and bags. One of the officers began searching the women’s bags before they were told that they could leave as no stolen items were found.

The women are now fighting back against Walgreens over the racial profiling incident.

“Your race doesn’t mean anything,” Davis said. “I can racially profile against another black person. You can be racially profiled against your own kind. We weren’t the only ones in the store, but we were being followed. We were harassed and they had no proof of anything.”

Walgreens has contacted the women, and the Miramar Police Department has been made aware of the incident, WPLG reported. As to whether Walgreens will take further steps to crack down on profiling, this remains to be seen.


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