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This is what you call grace. An Atlanta woman, ,whose name is Ayo Henry on Facebook, was called the n-word by a teenager wearing the Confederate Flag, so she chased him down and then forced him to apologize. Not everyone would have this type of reaction and it would be no fault of theirs if they did not, but she certainly taught this racist teen a lesson.

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According to Atlanta Black Star, the teenager called the woman the n-word in a parking lot last month. When she saw him riding his bike down the street, she drove up next to him and said from the passenger’s side window, “Hey you little s**t! Remember that time  you called me a n***er. Remember that?”

Of course, the coward tried to run away. She stopped her car, jumped out and chased him. She even said, “Run, Forrest, run! Run you little white supremacist piece of s**t. The n***ers gonna get you!” She then laid into him until she got an apology. Watch below:

Kudos to the woman, but like she said in the video, she could’ve been “the wrong Black person.” These racists need to know that not everyone is going to demand an apology. Some folks will instead give them a real lesson they will never forget.

Atlanta Black Star also reported the video was removed from Facebook for “violating community hate speech standards.” But just like a true boss, she uploaded the video to YouTube.


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