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Alison Ettel is officially known as #PermitPatty ever since she called the police on an 8-year-old girl for “illegally” selling water, a move which led to the Internet shaming of a lifetime. Not only has she been exposed for allegedly illegally selling marijuana, but now the legal side of the drug ring is shutting her all the way down as marijuana dispensaries want nothing to do with her.

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Ettel reportedly runs a business called TreatWell that sells weed for pets, and it is now in jeopardy. The San Francisco Chronicle reports several Bay Area marijuana dispensaries will no longer carry TreatWell Health products. Katie Rabinowitz, general manager of Magnolia Oakland, told the outlet, “Compassion is supposed to be at the forefront of this industry, and to see the way this has played out — with a complete disregard for a child’s wellbeing — I think it was a disappointment.” In addition, any profit made from the remaining inventory “will be given to the girl who was selling the water, and to Black Girls Code, a San Francisco nonprofit focused on providing technology education for African American girls.”

Berkley Patient Group also announced they will no longer sell TreatWell products:

In case you missed it, see Permit Patty policing the 8-year-old child below:

Ettel told The Huffington Post there was “no racial component to it” and she only “pretended” to call the police. She also said, “They were screaming about what they were selling. It was literally nonstop. It was every two seconds, ‘Come and buy my water.’ It was continuous and it wasn’t a soft voice, it was screaming. I had been putting up with this for hours, and I just snapped.”

Yep, and now the country is snapping on you, Permit Patty.


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