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A Virginia restaurant owner is under fire after she posted a racist social media message about Congresswoman Maxine WatersJudy Talley Maxie, who owns Caddy’s Restaurant and Lounge in Chesterfield, came for Waters in a horribly offensive post on her personal Facebook page on Monday (June 25).

“Maxine Waters shut your [sic] big fat lips, No one wants to hear your [racism] remarks…Go back to Africa where you came from,” read the message that has drawn strong criticism on the social network.

Maxie’s words were so terrible that Caddy’s had to disable its Facebook page. It is comments like the owner’s that could lead to people boycotting Caddy’s. As to whether a boycott may happen, some customers have questioned whether they will support the establishment moving forward.

The woman — who has a history of posting offensive comments including that she agreed with Roseanne Barr over the actress’ comparing former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett to an ape last month —  has deleted her Facebook page, NBC 12 reported.

“To hear anyone talking about sending somebody back to Africa is very upsetting. Just in the fact that we all come from different places, that’s what makes America great,” Deon Hamner, a Caddy’s diner, wrote online in response to Maxie’s post. “If you want to alienate your business by blocking out a group of people, then good luck to you.”

No half-baked apologies are going to make up for what Maxie said on Facebook. Activists have made a practice of calling out racist online comments, as they just shouldn’t be tolerated.


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