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On Thursday, July 5, Black teenagers were allegedly selling water outside of the Philadelphia Zoo. Judging by a viral video, one of the teens were arrested all because a white security staffer alerted the police.

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In a video which has been viewed more than 200,000 times, an unidentified Black teenager is shown being pinned to the ground and getting arrested by cops for allegedly selling water with his friends. During the arrest, an argument broke out between security staff, one white and the other Black.

“This is what you did!” the Black security staffer yelled to the white co-worker. “This is what you want. Is this what you want?”

The white security staffer snapped back: “I only asked him to move! I asked him to move.”

Translation: The white security staffer gave an order and because it wasn’t obeyed, she immediately pulled a BBQ Becky and called 911 on a teenager who was simply selling water on a 94-degree day in Philadelphia. The “suspect” was simply trying to raise money for his football team, reported.

See the video below:

The teens were not affiliated with “any legitimate local sports team,” Dana Lombardo, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Zoo, told “There have been a number of incidents with this particular group, including soliciting money from zoo guests, throwing rocks at a zoo staff member just the previous day, and harassing another female public safety officer just before this incident occurred.”

Lombardo said when the group began to leave, one of the kids made a “threatening remark” to the zoo’s safety officers, resulting in a Philadelphia police cruiser driving by being flagged down. No word on what the “threatening remark” was, but Lombardo said the teen was “unexpectedly” arrested. Of course, she didn’t explain the argument between the white and Black security staffer, which made it clear that the white woman called the police, upsetting the Black staffer.

“They were selling water. Not crack, not drugs, not any of that nonsense,” Black Lives Matter activist Asa Khalif said in a Facebook video. “They were selling water to raise money. Entrepreneurs, that’s what they were and that’s who they are. … It ended in arrest. A violent arrest. And I’m not gonna tolerate that. … We’re not tolerating that kind of nonsense when it comes to our children.”


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