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NFL player LeSean McCoy was accused of beating up his girlfriend as explicit photos showing a woman with a bloody, swollen and bruised face made the rounds on social media late Tuesday morning.

It was unclear if or how the woman in the photo was linked to McCoy, but an Instagram caption accused the Buffalo Bills running back of “beating” the woman “into kidney failure.”

The Instagram post also accused McCoy of beating his own child and dog as well as taking performance enhancing drugs.

The woman in the photo was named Delicia Cordon and was indeed McCoy’s girlfriend, according to a website called NFL Trade Rumors that also reported the Instagram picture was posted by a friend of Cordon.

McCoy quickly responded by posting on his own Instagram, categorically denying any of the accusations.

The Bills were investigating the claims, according to a tweet from an ESPN reporter covering the NFL.

The player’s name quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

Whether the claims were true or not, the NFL has long had a domestic violence problem with its players.

It got so bad that the National Football League’s Players Association were forced to create a group investigating domestic violence’s prevalence in the league. However, two of the group’s leading members resigned last month because they said it was ineffective, according to ABC News.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.


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