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Several police officers in the Miami area are facing charges for falsely pinning crimes on Black people. The cops were indicted for the corruption, which was done in an effort to achieve a “perfect crime-solving record,” a probe revealed.

The case is another example of police misconduct, as the nation continues to protest discriminatory policing policies and practices that target people of color.

Former Police Chief Raimundo Atesiano, 54, and officers Raul Fernandez and Charlie Dayoub were charged with falsely implicating an unnamed Haitian-American teenager in four burglaries in Biscayne Park, Florida, a suburb just north of Miami, the Miami Herald reported on July 12, after obtaining records in the case. The misconduct, revealed in a federal court last month, was uglier and deeper. Biscayne Park officers were routinely given marching orders to file bogus charges and pin crimes on African Americans with priors to clear cases, especially involving burglaries, according to a 2014 internal probe.

It seems that Atesiano couldn’t face the spotlight as the department’s racist, underhanded and illegal tactics were unearthed. He abruptly resigned as police chief in 2014 during the probe. The embattled department didn’t clear any of its 19 burglary cases in 2015 following the chief’s resignation, according to records.

Atesiano has vehemently denied the allegations and pleaded not guilty in the case; he is now slated to go to trial on civil rights violations. Dayoub and Fernandez have also entered not guilty pleas and are awaiting trial.

How many Blacks were wrongfully charged by the department is unclear, the Herald reported. However, Black males were implicated in nearly all 30 burglary arrests documented in 2013 and 2014.


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