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On Monday, July 16, at an LA Fitness in Sterling, Virginia, a white man called the cops on a Black man who goes by the name of TrapMoneyBenny on Twitter. Benny wrote in a series of tweets that when the white man felt he was fouled too hard, “He gets up tells everyone he’s going to call the police and walks out leaving everyone in gym confused.” He continued: “We thought he was joking til we saw buddy at the front desk on the phone really calling the police.”

Now the 911 call has been released and the white man actually claimed he got assaulted.

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Listen below:

Here is a transcript of the call, courtesy of


LA FITNESS CLERK: Hi, yes I’m calling from LA Fitness at the Dulles Town Center, and, uh, a member got assaulted.

LCSO: Okay, and this occurred inside the business, or, where did it happen?

CLERK: Uh, it happened in the basketball court.

LCSO: Is the person that assaulted him still there?

CLERK: Um, is the person—let me ask him. [Pause] Yes, still in the gym.

LCSO: Can I get a description of the suspect?

CLERK: Um, [addressing someone in room] excuse me, excuse me. What does he look like? [Male voice in room: He’s tall, African-American, like six-four, six-five, he’s got sleeves, headband.]

CLERK: Uh, he’s tall, African-American, he has long sleeves and, uh, a headband you said? And a headband.

LCSO: And are you the desk clerk?

CLERK: Yes, I’m working at the front desk.

LCSO: And is the victim with you at the front desk?


LCSO: Does the victim need an ambulance, anything like that?

CLERK: No—uh, no.

LCSO: And what is your name?

CLERK: [redacted]

LCSO: What is your last name?

CLERK: [redacted]

LCSO: And your phone number there?

CLERK: Um, [redacted]

LCSO: Okay. Okay, we’ll have a deputy come and see everybody there, okay?

CLERK: Okay, thank you.

LCSO: Okay.

Thankfully, the cops knew the call was BS. Benny explained on Twitter, “Cop finally comes and brings them out the gym to talk like it was an elementary school fight. You could tell he was blown cause his time was wasted,” he tweeted. “Cop leaves and we are still left wondering why.”

See the photo TrapMoneyBenny posted of the stumpy white man — wearing black and with his arms crossed. Clearly, he should stay off of basketball courts.


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