This is a a rarity. A white woman was harassing a Black family and she was the one who got arrested. Mark this in the history books!

See Also: Papa John’s CEO Resigns After Condemning NFL Anthem Protests reports that Lauren Milewski, 31, approached Essex Cook, 30, as he and his family were walking down the street in Berkeley, California. Milewski yelled to the group, “You don’t belong here! Get out of Berkeley! Get out of here! You don’t belong anywhere.”

The woman then began attacking Essex’s 24-year-old cousin. “Essex managed to get the woman to release his cousin, but despite the group’s pleas to just leave them alone, Milewski then allegedly ran up to a new mother, ripping off her shirt and her breastfeeding bra. Her chest was left scratched and exposed as her 15-month-old son screamed nearby,” according to the newspaper. The Cook family didn’t given Milewski the ass whooping she deserved, instead they tried to deescalate the situation.

See a clip of the incident below:

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The boldness these days is unreal . We can’t bbq we can’t walk down the street .. like WOW Soooo this pisses us all the way off ! This video hits close to home because one of the young ladies in the video is SoOakland founders cousin @_elexxia along with A white woman in Berkeley,Ca followed them down the street and kept telling them to “Get out of Berkeley “ and harassed them for blocks. Luckily witnesses were around that saw the interaction because the White Woman Tried to turn victim when the police arrived and tried to say my cousin and her friends were a MOB and was assaulting her #walkingwhileBLACK #thisisamaerica #berkeleyca #sobayarea #blacklivesmatter #racismissoreal @theshaderoom @theshaderoom @shaunking @troubleman31 @realdlhughley

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The police were called and Essex asked passersby to stay to be witnesses, but they were ignored. When police arrived, Milewski claimed a mob assaulted her. Thankfully, they had video and Milewski was “arrested on suspicion of public intoxication as well as violating probation after a prior grand theft charge.” However, the Cooks decided to not press charges, which is shocking. See the video of her arrest below:


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