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A Republican state leader in Georgia was defying party leaders and only offered a half-assed apology instead of resigning for his unabashedly racist performance on a TV program that aired Sunday.

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Rep. Jason Spencer, who was previously in the national spotlight for threatening a Black former lawmaker, screamed the N-word and performed other racist antics on the Showtime series, “Who is America?”

Sacha Baron Cohen, host of the cable show, took advantage of Spencer’s fear of a terrorist attack, the lawmaker told the Washington Post on Monday morning.

“If I had not been so distracted by my fears, I never would have agreed to participate in the first place,” Spencer added to his apology for the “ridiculously ugly episode.”

However, Spencer rejected a demand from Georgia House Speaker David Ralston to step down. Gov. Nathan Deal called Spencer’s performance “appalling and offensive.”

It was the second episode of Cohen’s cable network show in which he disguises himself as a different character each week and tricks politicians and other public officials into saying and doing things they’d be unlikely to do if they knew that their performance would air, the Daily Beast explained.

In Sunday’s episode, Baron Cohen posed as an Israeli terrorism expert named Col. Erran Morad, and asked Spencer to participate in a training video on how elected officials can prevent themselves from becoming a terrorism victim.

At another point in the show, he sent an apparent message to terrorists, calling them, “you damn sand ni—ers,” and threatened to cut off their “d—ks” and shove them in their mouths. Spencer also performed his impression of a Chinese tourist. To top things off, the Republican lawmaker displayed his naked rear end as an anti-terrorism technique.

Spencer apparently needed little prompting, given his history of expressing racist attitudes. In one instance, he warned former Democratic Rep. LaDawn Jones on Facebook in 2017 that advocating for the removal of confederate symbols in Georgia could make her “go missing in the Okefenokee,” a swamp in a rural part of the state.

Requests for comment from NewsOne to the Republican National Committee and the Georgia GOP were not immediately returned.


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