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A recent, violent arrest in New York City was strikingly similar to that of a Black man in Baltimore who ended up dying in police custody from his injuries.

There weren’t many details about the new arrest, but according to Facebook user Sha-ron Sha Griffin, the young man seen on the below video around the two-minute mark was apparently severely beaten up by police during an arrest for probation violation. An outraged crowd formed while the suspect who appeared to be unconscious was dragged, then dropped before being placed into the back of a squad car.

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See the disturbing video below.

The scene was eerily similar to when Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old Black man, was arrested in Baltimore in 2015. Gray was in a police van when he fell into a coma and later died at a hospital. He reportedly died due to spinal chord injuries sustained in police transport.

Twitter user @achmatx, who said he was from the Bronx, described the person arrested in New York City as a teenager before also noting the Freddie Gray comparison.

Our thoughts are with the young man. Hopefully, he is not seriously injured and there is a thorough investigation.

In addition, this video proves it’s not just white cops who abuse Black and Brown people — it is Black cops as well.

Below is the arrest video of Freddie Carlos Gray, Jr. on April 12, 2015, in Baltimore. He would have been 29 years old on Aug. 16.


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