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A Popeyes worker in Detroit has been fired for exposing the restaurant’s unsanitary conditions in a video that has since gone viral on social media. City health department officials in Detroit promptly shut down the location after the now-former employee revealed several disgusting things in a Facebook video on Monday

Shakita Shemere, the 20-year-old employee who uploaded the footage, recorded scenes from the restaurant’s slovenly kitchen area after a manager yelled at her for saying that she saw a cockroach, she told The Associated Press. The visual evidence of apparent major health code violations in the restaurant’s kitchen food storage and preparation areas was damning: seemingly raw chicken in a freezer, dirty containers stacked for reuse and trash littering much of the floor.

The video had gotten more than 500,000 views as of Wednesday morning.

Social media users who have viewed the video expressed support for Shemere and disgust over the horrible violations at Popeyes.

“So many things wrong cross contamination no labels or dates food out of temp zone … They gone kill somebody,” one Facebook user commented.

It seemed that Shemere was fired because she only told the truth and stood up against management. It was only after her brave action that the restaurant began working closely with the Detroit health department to ensure satisfactory conditions for employees and customers.

Popeyes management has already complied with safety demands and begun adhering to cleaning protocols, the health department said. The franchise owner has also been working with health officials, Popeyes’ corporate office said.

It was unclear whether Shemere would get her job back or if she even wanted to return to the restaurant.


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