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AR-15s are one of the main weapons used in mass shootings, so naturally a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate was encouraging his supporters to build the dangerous military weapons.

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Austin Petersen is desperately trying to win Missouri’s Republican nomination to run for Democratic incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill’s seat. The primary was scheduled for Aug. 7, but Petersen was expected to lose after his opponent Josh Hawley was endorsed by Donald Trump.

However, desperate times can many times call for hateful measures. Hence, Petersen said via an email to his supporters that he will “giveaway” a “milling machine” that can build “untraceable” AR-15 rifles, according to The Kansas City Star. He claimed the so-called “prize” will “trigger a few more liberals and mainstream media.”

The Riverfront Times explained that a milling machine is “somewhat akin to a 3-D printer, only it’s capable of fashioning aluminum and not just plastic — allows users to create so-called ‘ghost guns’ untraceable by law enforcement. There’s a long waiting list to get your hands on one of these machines; prospective customers must resort to paying a $250 deposit and biding their time until 2019.”

Peterson reportedly received the milling machine from a donor and he is now taking raffle entries. He will chose a winner on election night.

Petersen is a serious proponent of guns.

“Your right to bear arms is a fundamental, unalienable right protected by the Second Amendment,” his site reads. “The government has no power to take away your means of self-defense.”

Although it is doubtful Peterson will win, let’s hope this man stays far away from Congress.


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