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Another video of a person in the midst of a racist, ignorant rant has been making social media rounds. A man was caught going off on a Black woman after she parked her motorcycle in her own neighborhood in Boston.

Once again, a Black person can’t breathe or live without being accosted for no real reason.

NeNe Judge’Mayo was simply parking her bike on a residential street in Dorchester, one of Boston’s historic neighborhoods, a video posted to her Facebook page on Friday revealed. It appears that an unidentified man, who is white, came out of nowhere and began yelling at her.

“Do you live here?” the man screamed at Judge’Mayo before she replied assertively that she did live in the neighborhood.

The man then insinuated that he would get shot because of her presence on his block. His profanity-laced statements were racist, insulting and based on no credible facts.

“I’m not getting shot in my neighborhood!” he yelled. “This is my f**king neighborhood! It’s my f**king neighborhood! You’re bringing this f**king sh*t into my neighborhood? No! No!”

The incident was upsetting and unprovoked, to say the least. “All I did was pull over my motorcycle to park, and this man went crazy asking me why am I in his neighborhood. He was even more mad I was on a motorcycle. I think I had a case of racist profiling … ,” Judge’Mayo said on Facebook.

The man was eventually shut down by a police officer who arrived on the scene and asked him to move away from the area. He then tried to contest what the officer was saying.

“This is my neighborhood!” he said to the officer. “Now you’re taking it out on me? You’re taking it out on me?”

Hopefully, social media will help this Bostonian learn the error of his ways. No justice, no peace.


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