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Omarosa Manigault Newman is about to release her book Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House and she is doing everything to drum up press. Reportedly, she is now playing “secret” audio she recorded of herself and President Donald Trump.

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Reportedly, Omarosa secretly recorded conversations with Trump and played the audio for a reporter at The Daily Beast. The tapes have been described as “anodyne, everyday chatter, but said they did appear to feature Trump’s voice, either over the phone or in-person.”

While Trump is a complete disaster, this is a person that Omarosa has seriously defended and told people to “bow down” to him. How grimy are you to record the man that you bashed other people for criticizing? Furthermore, if you are going to record the president, at least have some real dirt. Playing audio of “everyday chatter” to a reporter is pointless.

Nonetheless, Omarosa did a pull a Michael Cohen on Trump, who also recorded 45. Just goes to show, no one is loyal in his camp. Anyone will sell him out because he has zero integrity. He attracts exactly who he is.

We should all expect more PR stunts like this from Omarosa. Her publisher has described the book as an “explosive, jaw-dropping account” and that her relationship with Trump “has come to a decisive and definitive end, and Omarosa is finally ready to share her side of the story.”

If her story doesn’t get him impeached then we don’t give a damn.


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