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Omarosa Manigault Newman is about to release her book Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House tomorrow, August 14. For the past two weeks, she has been pulling every PR stunt possible, but the one that has gotten the most attention is the “secret” recordings. From the N-word to Frank Luntz to possible jail time, here’s everything we have learned about them.

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Omarosa Claims Trump Used The N-Word But She Never Heard It

In an excerpt published by The Guardian, she claims Trump was caught on a mic saying the racial slur while filming NBC’s “The Apprentice.” Omarosa wrote that she felt a “growing realization that Donald Trump was indeed a racist, a bigot and a misogynist. My certainty about the N-word tape and his frequent uses of that word were the top of a high mountain of truly appalling things I’d experienced with him, during the last two years in particular.”

She also added, “It had finally sunk in that the person I’d thought I’d known so well for so long was actually a racist. Using the N-word was not just the way he talks but, more disturbing, it was how he thought of me and African Americans as a whole.”

However, she claims she never heard him use the word herself. Girl, please. Not that we don’t think Trump hasn’t used the N-word, but at least have receipts.

Trump Supporter Frank Luntz Says She Is A Damn Liar, Which We Already Knew

Omarosa claimed Frank Luntz, a one-time Trump hater, heard him use the racial slur. Luntz wrote on Twitter, “I’m in ’s book on page 149. She claims to have heard from someone who heard from me that I heard Trump use the N-word. Not only is this flat-out false (I’ve never heard such a thing), but Omarosa didn’t even make an effort to call or email me to verify. Very shoddy work.”

See below:

Omarosa’s Hate For April Ryan Is Serious

In reference to Omarosa recording John Kelly firing her, the reality star told Meet the Press, “He [Trump] knew that John Kelly was going to take me into the Situation Room, and lock me in there, threaten me, and say that things were going to get ugly for me, and there would be damage to my reputation.” ‘She continued, “And you know what, the next day there was damage to my reputation because they then put out a story using and exploiting an African-American reporter to say that I was running around the residence and trying to break into a Christmas party, which is ludicrous.” Yep, Omarosa continued to attack April Ryan—who responded. See below:

Omarosa Lied About Resigning From The White House

Omarosa always said she “resigned” from the White House, but we all knew she got fired. However, when she released the audio of her meeting with John Kelly, it proved that once again she is a liar. She didn’t resign, she was fired. Listen below to a recording from December 12, 2017:

Omarosa Could Face Jail Time 

Washington, D.C. requires one-party consent to record, however, there could still be a serious security breach with Omarosa recording in the White House. In addition, she brought a recording device into the Situation Room and gave it to the media. Many are telling Omarosa to lawyer up, especially considering the White House is now looking into legal options to block her from releasing more audio, and they may try to punish her for what she already released. See below:

Trump’s former BFF has certainly garnered some press, but it is hard to tell if this will inspire anyone to buy her book.


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