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I knew it was going to happen. As I explained to Don Lemon last night on CNN (the clip is below if you’d like to see it), there is a strong risk of Tiger Woods becoming “OJ Simpsonized” by his recent scandal. He started off as Barack Obama and with one exposure after another, he slides down the slope and ends up in no man’s land.

Well, Glenn Beck fulfilled that prophecy on his show, by comparing Tiger Woods to OJ Simpson.This scandal may get worse for Tiger Woods before it gets better. I spoke with Rev. Al Sharpton this afternoon, a man who I consider to be incredibly savvy when it comes to politics (notice that he was one of the few black public figures not to lose his power during the rise of Barack Obama). Rev. Sharpton made a very good point that Tiger Woods doesn’t have a base of support, which is also going to hurt him during his media on-slaught. When Sharpton and others spoke up in support of Woods after a golf announcer made a joke about “lynching him in a back alley,” Tiger promptly waved off his supporters by acting as if they were in the wrong. As a result, no one is standing up for him now.

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