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An Alabama widow, who thought she was applying for a job with Amazon, was called a racial slur after she realized that scammers took advantage of her.

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Belinda Jackson wanted other potential victims to be aware of the employment scam, in which con artists posed online as the e-commerce giant, CBS 42, the CBS News affiliate in Birmingham, Alabama reported.

“I was thrown for a loop, and I asked him again, and he said, ‘You are a n-word,’ and I was just confused with me calling Amazon and thinking I was calling the right place and the employees would treat a customer like that,” Jackson said, recalling what happened when she confronted the swindleers on the phone after realizing that something was wrong.

Jackson needed to earn additional income for her family after her husband passed away. The widow was searching for a data entry or customer service job that she could work from home. After coming across what looked like an authentic Amazon website, Jackson decided to call and apply for a job with the recently announced Amazon fulfillment center coming to Bessemer, Alabama.

Unfortunately, Jackson told the scammers her bank account information (for direct deposits of paychecks) and yielded control of her computer. She became nervous after seeing the cursor on her scene moving.

“He went into my Amazon account, which he asked me did I have one, I told him I did not because I didn’t want him to getting my password,” Jackson said. She disconnected her computer, prompting the con man to become belligerent and call her the N-word.

Desperate job seekers are easy targets for criminals, according to Forbes. Indeed, targeting them can be lucrative, given the amount of personal data shared on job applications. It’s not easy to discern fraudulent sites because crooks have become better at creating fake website and email that appear authentic.


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