At what point do Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Books share the blame?

Although it is not officially recognized as a holiday in the United States, many organizers commemorate International Workers’ Day and the necessity of collective action.

NBC announced it would not air the Golden Globes in 2022 because of diversity issues. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which hosts the awards, reported needs time to make necessary changes. 

Pharrell Williams has launched a tech entrepreneurship initiative for youth.

The company tries to defend itself amid nationwide protest.

In 2019, it takes an inconceivable amount of audacity to produce a show like "Modern Love" about the complexities of relationships and make it so wholly white, privileged and exclusionary.

A woman fell victim to job scammers who hurled a racial slur at her.

Amazon wants to cover a Northern Virginia community in asphalt, pave over gravesites, homes, and a Civil War battleground to make way for a power plant.

Vladimir Putin has decided that he won’t expel any U.S. diplomats in response to President Obama’s sanctions on Russian diplomats and intelligence agencies.

The Fraternal Order of Police requested the removal of BLM shirts from Amazon after Walmart discontinued sales last week.

Local governments are offering tax breaks, subsidies and other incentives in corporate welfare to corporations like Amazon and Disney.

Is buying gifts for your loved ones leaving you broke?