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Investigators literally have the key to proving whether the Dallas cop who killed Botham Jean lied to cover-up her murder. In fact, they have both of them.

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The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office obtained permission to analyze data on the electronic keys to the apartment front doors of Officer Amber Guyger and Jean, the Dallas Morning News reported Tuesday afternoon.

Guyger and Jean lived in the same apartment complex. The officer claimed that she walked into Jean’s home by mistake and shot him thinking that he was an intruder in her own apartment. Data retrieved from the keys could indicate if Jean’s door was ajar, as the officer claimed. She fired two shots, killing the 26-year-old Black man.

The analysis should show whether Guyger unlocked her own door before going to Jean’s apartment. It would also show whether she placed her key in Jean’s door. Videos posted on social media by neighbors appeared to show that apartment doors in the building shut automatically, which would prove that the officer was lying.

Several neighbors have told attorneys for Jean’s family that they heard someone banging on the victim’s door and a woman’s voice demanding to enter his apartment. Data from the keys could also indicate if Jean’s door was locked.

Police arrested Guyger several days after the shooting and charged her with manslaughter. She turned herself into police after a loud outcry from folks in the Black community and national media attention. She walked out of jail a mere hours later on bond.

Many have complained that she has been given special treatment and that law enforcement officials have not taken the investigation seriously.

Jean’s family buried him Thursday, and protesters and his family have continued to demand justice.


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