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Republicans are showing their desperation to hold on to political power by resorting to petty attacks on Black candidates, as the GOP braces for a possible Democratic avalanche in the midterm elections.

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The latest example happened in Wisconsin where Mandela Barns is running for lieutenant governor. On Monday, he called it “crazy” that his GOP rival would claim without evidence that he knelt during the national anthem at a state fair over the summer, Fox 6 News reported.

Incumbent Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, who was reportedly at the fair during the ceremony, told reporters that other people told her Barnes was kneeling.

Here’s how Barns responded to her allegation:

Here are other examples:

Andrew Gillum Accused Of Being Weak On Stopping Child Molesters

The GOP’s nominee for Florida governor Ron DeSantis claimed during a speech on Sept. 15 that his rival Andrew Gillum would be weak on preventing child molesters from targeting kids in the state, an accusation that the Miami Herald called “absurd.”

DeSantis, who previously made a racially charged attack on Gillum, tried to link his claim to Gillum’s opposition to President Trump’s immigration policy, the newspaper said.


Stacey Abrams Debt Shamed

The Republican Governors Association released an attack ad on Aug. 10 that tried to debt shame Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, amplifying a line of attack from her GOP rival Brian Kemp, WABE radio reported.

Abrams owes the IRS $54,000, stemming from assisting her parents, that she has made arrangements to pay.

“I have never failed to file my taxes, I have never failed to pay my taxes,” she said. “I am on a payment plan to fully fund my taxes.”

Meanwhile, Republicans have ignored the “legally dubious” loopholes Trump used to avoid paying taxes.

Antonio Delgado’s Rap CD

New York congressional candidate Antonio Delgado, formerly known as AD The Voice, was forced in July to defend his earlier rap career. John Faso, Delgado’s Republican opponent, attacked Delgado’s lyrics on an 18-song CD released in 2006. The Black candidate criticized the two-party political system, described dead presidents as white supremacists and made frequent use of the N-word on the CD.

Lauren Underwood’s Endorsements

GOP incumbent Rep. Randy Hultgren tried to make a big deal about President Barack Obama’s endorsement of Lauren Underwood for Congress. It would have been an eye-opener if Obama, who’s still popular in Illinois, failed to endorse Underwood. Hultgren also thought it was somehow embarrassing that other high-profile Democrats endorsed his rival.


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