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On Tuesday, Bill Cosby was handcuffed and sent to prison after being sentenced to 3 to 10 years for three charges of aggravated indecent sexual assault. He is housed at Pennsylvania’s newest and most expensive prison, the State Correctional Institution Phoenix in Collegeville. However, the fallen television icon is having troubles outside of the prison walls. He has been sued by his former lawyers.

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Samuel Silver, of Philadelphia law firm Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis, is suing Cosby for unpaid legal bills. reports, “Silver was retained in January 2016 but withdrew from the case in January 2018 before Cosby was convicted in April of three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and assaulting Constand. … Cosby paid Silver’s bills through June 30, 2017, but hasn’t paid anything billed after that time, according to the complaint, which was filed September 21.”

He reportedly owes nearly $283,000 in unpaid legal fees and the lawsuit, which was filed September 21, is seeking a late fee of 1.5%. also reports that in December 2017, Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt wrote to the law firm Silver saying Camille Cosby “would be unable to make the payments she had agreed to make by the end of the year and needed until the second week in January, according to the complaint.” However, she did not make the payment. In July 2018, an assistant to Cosby wrote the firm, “Mr. Cosby is raising funds to be able to pay you by August 15.” The firm never received payment, according to the complaint.

Although Cosby is incarcerated, his legal team has already filed an appeal about the sexual assault conviction.


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