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Police have reported another shooting near a historically Black school. Authorities opened an investigation into the homicide of a promising Louisiana State University basketball player in Baton Rouge on Friday (Sept. 28).

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News of 20-year-old Wayde Sims’ tragic death has come as HBCU communities have expressed concerns over safety nationwide.

Sims, a junior attending LSU with a forward position on the team, suffered an apparent gunshot wound on early Friday morning, police said. Officials pronounced him dead at a local hospital after the fatal injury, according to Fox affiliate WJW.

Learning about Sims’ tragic killing, LSU basketball head coach Will Wade offered a statement. “We are all devastated. We need your prayers for Wayde, for his family, for all of us. We are heartbroken,” he said.

There have been several shootings and reports of crimes at or near historically Black colleges and universities this year. Unknown armed suspects stole the car of Justin Clark, a 20-year-old political science student at Morehouse College, on Thursday. Clark, who took a break from studying at the campus library for midterm exams, had planned to go home for a funeral. A donor purchased a plane ticket and helped the young man get to the service.

Additionally, a white man pulled a gun on a group of African-American Florida A&M University students at a student housing apartment building earlier this month. The man, Dan Crandell, surrendered to Tallahassee police recently.

As far as shootings, three HBCUs reported tragedies ahead of Sims’ death. There have been at least 12 school shootings in 2018, according to statistics gathered by CNN. With the shootings and crimes, some campus communities have discussed better safety measures.


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