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To have Ben CarsonCandace Owens and Stacey Dash in the same room is a lobotomized dream come true for white conservatives who want to use them as the example of a Black person who condones bigotry. Well, this is actually happening at Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit on October 25 through October 28 in Washington, D.C.

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Their lineup for speakers is equally hilarious and deplorable. Ben Carson, who has done his best to destroy the lives of poor people, will be babbling.

Candace Owens who didn’t get enough attention when she was anti-Trump or when she attacked Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, will also rant. Hopefully she will revisit her historically incorrect diatribe of saying the NRA is “the nation’s oldest civil rights organization” and was founded “to train Black Americans to use guns to defend themselves against the Ku Klux Klan, a Democrat terrorist group.” Oh, and Owens is the communications director for Turning Point USA.

There is also anti-Black Stacey Dash who once said there should be no Black History Month or BET, though the only reason why she had a a career was because of the Black community.

Other hacks include NRA bobble head Colion Noir (his real name is Collins Iyare Idehen Jr., which he doesn’t use because maybe that is “too ethnic” for him).

Paris Dennard is not reported to be in attendance, which is hilarious considering Candace Owens said he was “lynched” after he was outed for sexual harassment. Clearly, the folks in the sunken place aren’t loyal.


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