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The number of questions surrounding the police killing of an innocent Black man in his own home has been piling higher and higher since the suspicious shooting in Dallas last month. Not only have multiple search warrants been reportedly not executed, but the transcript from the 911 call allegedly made by since fired-police officer Amber Guyger after she shot Botham Jean has been suppressed by the city.

But perhaps lost amid what some folks have suspected to be a massive cover-up by law enforcement to protect one of their own is the fact that Guyger’s toxicology had also not been released to the public as of Monday morning – more than a month after she reportedly submitted to a blood test following the shooting on Sept. 6.

After all, the circumstances surrounding the shooting certainly suggested that Guyger very well could have been under the influence of an intoxicant. Her reported implausible reason for mistakenly entering Jean’s apartment – which was on a different floor from where she lived – because she confused his unit for her own bore all the hallmarks of either a drug-induced excuse.

Toxicology reports are typically painfully slow to be released; or, at least, it seems that way since they can many times offer urgent information that could prove pivotal to an investigation – especially one involving a death. And while it seemed like Guyger’s report is taking excruciatingly long, the truth is that toxicology results are rarely if ever ready this quickly.

“Some of the tests take days, weeks, months,” toxicologist Alan Hall told WebMD.

That was true for such high-profile deaths as those of Michael Jackson and Kanye West’s mother, whose toxicology reports took months to be released.

But there can be opportunities to expedite the process, according to Slate, which previously reported that, “Some evidence gets rushed to the top of the list because of an upcoming court date or because it might shed light on an ongoing investigation.”

It seemed as if that was decidedly not happening in Dallas for Guyger’s toxicology report, especially since officials have seeming withheld key information surrounding the investigation while publicizing negative details about Jean – the victim – has prompted activists and Jean’s family alike to suspect the worst.

Guyger was already given just about three days following the shooting before she was arrested – long enough to craft an alibi that has changed multiple times. Now, after being arrested and given the relatively weak charge of manslaughter instead of murder, she’s seemingly being given additional time to perfect her defense of a shooting that was entirely avoidable and appears indefensible.


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