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The sunken place so dangerous, it can have you in bed with white supremacy … which is precisely the case for Republican U.S. Senate candidate John James of Michigan.

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In a bizarre campaign ad, when James is complaining about failing schools, an image of a school hallway shows swastika on a bulletin board. For some reason, his campaign never noticed the image, but everyone else did. There was rightful outrage as the commercial appeared on television screens across Michigan.

James, who has been endorsed by Trump, said, “I need to fess up and admit this was a terrible error on our part. We should have caught this error and we didn’t, and there’s no excuse. I’m responsible for everything that our team does and fails to do, and I will do everything in my power to make sure this never, ever happens again.”

See below:

James, a military veteran, said any accusation of racism was an “indication of how low people are willing to go.” James’ opponent is Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow, who has not commented on the ad.

However, Lonnie Scott, the executive director of Progress Michigan, told The New York Post, “His team is either too lazy to spot check their ads or they’re willfully pushing out this type of imagery. Either way, it’s a problem and shows James’ lack of preparedness for the United States Senate.”

Well said. If James supports an open racist in the White House then he should not be shocked that anyone would say he supports or condones racism.


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