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Stacey Abrams is running for governor of Georgia and the racist powers that be are doing everything possible to see that she doesn’t win. Brian Kemp, her opponent, has been sued for voter suppression and there have been reports of over 700,000 voters being purged, mainly people of color. Nonetheless, Abrams remains cool, even when she was confronted by a maniac Trump supporter over the weekend.

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While speaking to a group in Georgia,Abrams was bombarded by a man in the crowd who grilled her about her back taxes and claimed she wants “to increase taxes and pay more money and have a government pay for healthcare, illegal aliens and things of that nature. How much do you currently owe in back taxes that you have not paid?”

She responded, “I’m currently paying my taxes on a payment plan.” He tried to cut her off again and she continued, “Sir, I’m trying to answer your question. … Your question framed some misleading statements so I’m going to correct everything. The state of Georgia forfeits $8 million a day by refusing to expand Medicaid — $8 million that every person who pays taxes into the state of Georgia has paid into the system. We don’t need to raise taxes to draw down Medicaid, we need to raise expectations of our leaders to draw down Medicaid.”

He tried to interrupt again and she calmly continued, “Sir, I let you ask your question. Every proposal I have made is on my website. I have 100 single-spaced detail pages of what we can do for Georgia. My opponent does not. My opponent does not have a plan for Georgia, he’s got a slogan for Georgia. He’s got a gimmick for Georgia.”

The man continued ranting, which made the audience react, but she calmed everyone by saying, “Guys, this is what they want. What they want is for us to turn into groups of people who do not respect each other. That’s not who we are, I respect every person in the space.”

Abrams continued to explain her platform and by the end, the man shook her hand. This is the type of leadership we need. Watch below:


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