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Stacey Abrams is running for governor of Georgia against Brian Kemp, who is also the Secretary of State of Georgia, which means he oversees voters. Kemp has been accused countless times of voter suppression and even former President Jimmy Carter called on Kemp to resign as Secretary of State. Nonetheless, Abrams is fighting to win with all her might and recently appeared on “The View.” Meghan McCain attempted to grill Abrams on wanting to ban AR-15s and she was just all the way down.

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Meghan began by saying Abrams was endorsed by anti-gun groups and then asked if she wants to ban “the most popular rifle in America,” which is an AR-15 and also the most popular rifle used by mass shooters. Abrams responded, “I’m not anti-gun. My great-grandmother taught me how to shoot when I was growing up in Mississippi. I don’t hunt because I mostly eat chicken and that seems mean.” She added, “most responsible gun owners understand that they have the responsibility for the firearms, and making sure that only responsible people have those firearms.”

McCain then asked if that means Abrams would round up the guns “from civilians in Georgia.” Abrams calmly responded,  “We have had a ban on assault weapons before in the United States, and I think that we should do it again,” she continued, “But I do want to push back on any notion that I believe that the Second Amendment is not the law of the land. I support the Second Amendment.”

Abrams also reminded McCain that late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia even said, “It is possible to believe in responsible gun ownership and to believe that there should be regulations on that.” Meghan maintained a scowl on her face. Watch below:

This is another reason to vote for Stacey Abrams on Nov. 6.


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