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Officials in a Pennsylvania school district had no good answers for parents and students who demanded to know why a teacher who repeatedly used the N-word in her class returned to work.

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The Susquehanna Township School District said Thursday that it completed an investigation and “comprehensively addressed” the incident that occurred in October at Susquehanna Township High School, Penn Live reported. However, the officials declined to state whether the teacher was punished.

This response came days after parents raised hell at a school board meeting.

On Monday, several parents, students and members of the local civil rights community confronted the school board to demanded answers, WHTM-TV reported.

“There’s a problem in the school. Suspending somebody for a couple of days, but bringing them back in is unacceptable,” Mona Johnson, a parent and Susquehanna Township commissioner, told board members.

The school board no answers for Johnson and others on Monday and declined to name the teacher involved the incident.

“We are aware of the situation. We have addressed the situation and we will continue to address the situation moving forward,” a brief statement from superintendent Tamara Willis said after the meeting.

A local civil rights leader called the situation unusual after the school board meeting on Monday, according to WPMT-TV.

“What typically happens is that person is not let back into the classroom at least until the conclusion of an investigation so that seems to be a little bit of an anomaly in this case,” said Brandon Flood, president of the Greater Harrisburg NAACP. “It reminds us that certainly, we do not live in a post-racial society.”

Three students reportedly said they were in the classroom when the teacher threw out the N-word while explaining a class project. They asked her not to use the slur again. But she ignored them, using it a second time to tell them the name of her black cat.

“I feel as though she needs to leave, and to see her back in school is completely insulting,” student Zoe Jackson told school board members, adding that she can’t trust that teacher any more.


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