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Stacey Abrams had a moment of voter justice. A federal judge ruled the Georgia governor race will not be officially certified until every provisional vote is counted. This means Brian Kemp, who declared himself the winner even though the Associated Press, NBC and CNN did not call the race, will have to take several seats — for now.

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The ruling was made by Judge Amy Totenberg, who is a New Yorker serving on the Atlanta-based court. reports, “U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg’s order calls for a hotline for voters to check if their provisional ballots were counted, a review of voter registrations, and updated reports from the state government about why many voters were required to use provisional ballots.”

In the ruling, the judge said she’s providing “limited, modest” relief to help protect voters. Reportedly, as many as 27,000 Georgia voters were forced to do provisional ballots “because their registration or identification couldn’t be verified. Provisional ballots are usually only counted if voters prove their eligibility within three days of the election, a deadline that passed Friday.”

Sara Henderson, executive director for Common Cause Georgia, the organization that filed the lawsuit, said in a statement, “This ruling is a victory for the voters of Georgia because we are all stronger when every eligible voter is allowed to participate in our elections.”

Brian Kemp’s team have not responded to the ruling. Kemp was secretary of state, which means he oversaw his own election. Former President Jimmy Carter called on Kemp to resign and he refused until November 9. If Kemp had resigned from supervising his own election, Georgia may not be in the voter mess it is now.

Abrams only needs 20,000 votes for the election to go to a runoff.


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