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Trump supporters can now work even harder to spread hate with Make America Great Again toys. The line includes a “building the wall” block set.

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The toys are being sold through which describes the Build The Wall (MAGA Building Blocks Toys) as “A mob of 10,000 Central American migrants is marching through Mexico and heading toward El Paso, Texas. Mexican border agents attempted to stop them at the Mexican border, but to no avail. We understand why they want to flee Honduras and live and work in America. After all, we are the greatest nation on earth. In the interest of national security, however, we cannot allow just anyone and everyone to cross our borders. While there are good people attempting to enter our nation, there are also gangs, criminals, and terrorists… The wall must be built. The wall will keep America safe and strong. Only then will we be able to help those in need. We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new line of toys: MAGA building blocks! This toy makes a great Christmas gift for your kids and grandkids!”

The toy costs $29.95 and comes with 101 pieces and a President Trump figurine with a Make America Great Again hard hat.

Other toys on the site include “Trump Send Hillary To Prison! Limited Edition Collector’s Set,” which claims “the Clintons have had many of their enemies murdered.” Also, a “Hillary in Orange Limited Edition Collector’s Set,” which includes figurines of Hillary Clinton and The Joker from the “Batman” franchise.


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