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People pull many stunts when it comes to their social media profiles, like ridiculous airbrushing and crafty angles. However, there is a new trend called “ni**erfishing,” based on the term catfish, which means white women doctoring their images to look racially ambiguous. Several white woman online have been exposed for this new version of blackface.

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A 19-year-old named Emma Hallberg, who lives in a small town in Sweden, has been outed for trying to pull a Rachel Dolezal online. See below:

Hallberg told, “It is very unfortunate that my natural appearance is offending and hurting people and it is truly very problematic for me that the features people are referring to are my natural features.” She also “claims she has never taken any extra steps to present as someone she is not.” Hallberg’s argument is she just likes makeup. reports, “Fishes with large social media followings are harmful because they often do product collaborations and are sponsored by brands. This creates a new-age form of blackface where these influencers regularly profit off of trends and features inherent to the Black body and community and may not be naturally theirs, which only further perpetuates a racist cycle that allows white people to steal from Black culture.”

Hallberg is one of many white women who are posing as Black women and profiting. Thankfully, Twitter users like Wanna Thompson and Naijaeaux have been exposing the women online.

These white women need to just be themselves—but then again, their privilege affords them the right to actually fake Blackness and profit.


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