The NAACP deleted a social post warning against "trying a Black woman" after it was accused of perpetuating negative stereotypes.

Rapper 50 Cent took to social media to troll Sean "Diddy" Combs, whose homes were raided by federal agents over alleged sex trafficking.

Here's everything we know about a new bill to ban the TikTok social media platform from being used in the United States of America.


Black MAGA comedy duo, the Hodgetwins, found out the hard way that the late Carl Weathers had blocked them on social media during his life.


Social media exploded with memes mocking Derek Chauvin after it was reported that George Floyd's murderer was stabbed in prison.

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The video footage of Jonathan Majors purportedly breaking up a high school fight was released one day before his domestic violence trial starts, prompting mocking memes to go viral.

These alternatives to Twitter are extra timely.


A post about "her kidnapper" was deleted after cops said there's no evidence one existed.

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Kenny Mitchell has addressed a viral video in which a Black man's claims of wealth from investing in Snapchat were greeted with doubts.


Backlash to Twitter is boosting the Spill app.

The U.S. surgeon general recently declared widespread loneliness the latest public health epidemic sweeping across the nation.


Some young people are using social media to develop their identities as activists and to push for a more just society.