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Springdale, Arkansas is so obsessed with treasonists, know as the Confederacy, they actually included the racist soldiers in a Christmas parade. How Christ-like.

SEE ALSO: Texas Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Man For Entering His Own Truck reports during Saturday’s Christmas Parade of the Ozarks, a popular annual parade, two men were dressed as Confederate soldiers, “Christmas lights bedecked the trailer, pulled by a pickup truck. A Confederate flag flew on the front, and two men dressed as Confederate soldiers rode on the back. One held a rifle in his hand.” Kids were yelling for candy and a man with a gun said, “I got bullets. Want bullets?”

At one point in the video, someone yelled, ‘Y’all fightin’ for slavery?”

“No!” one of them hollered back.

See the disturbing video below:

The Downtown Springdale Alliance descrived the parade as, “Get into the Christmas spirit with music, lights, rodeo queens, and ‘Merry Christmas’ wishes. Parade begins at 6:00pm and proceeds West to Downtown Emma. Everyone is welcome to join us!” After backlash from the Confederate soldiers they told local television station KNWA they did not plan the parade, “The November 24th Christmas Parade of the Ozarks float featuring the Confederate flag and soldiers was not approved by DSA, nor is its message condoned by our staff or board of directors.”

The parade’s sponsor, Rodeo of the Ozarks, said “participants have never been vetted, Sach Oliver, a member of the rodeo’s board of directors, told the newspaper. He said board members had not discussed how to handle what happened on Saturday.”

Extremely disgusting but not shocking.


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