Civil rights leaders ripped a federal appeals court decision that undermines legal precedent set by the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and will disproportionately affect Black and brown voters.

Uncovering the horrific 1959 story of 21 Black boys trapped and burned alive inside an Arkansas school built to educate them. 

The state has a strict anti-critical race theory law.

The Arkansas Department of Education made the move days before the school year started.

Quatecia Wilson has worked with the Little Rock Fire Department for more than nine years.

Race Matters

ESPN pundit Stephen A. Smith defended Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for being in a photo showing racists at his high school in 1957.

Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey was placed on administrative leave after shooting at a suspect during a New Year’s Eve fight in the parking lot of a Superstop in Arkansas.


Jail inmates in Arkansas were forced to take the unproven COVID-19 drug Ivermectin despite (because?) a decade-old study showing that it causes sterilization in 85% of men who take it.

Ashley Murry says her son Ashton experienced trauma as a result of the incident and is taking legal action to protect him.

Also, Jerri Kelly's husband resigned from being the jail administrator.


A white woman held four Black teenagers at gunpoint while they were trying to raise funds for their high school in Arkansas.

Good News

Houston-based artist Shirley Scarpetta is creating a bronze sculpture in remembrance of Maleah Davis.